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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  March 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. s. >> announcer: this is "good day orlando." >> happy 9 o'clock hour. welcome to "good day orlando." i'm john brown. glad you are with us this morning, here's a look at some of what you can expect in this morning's 9 o'clock hour. >> trump... light weight marco rubio, 16%. >> voters headed for the polls on this super tuesday. but, will their last-minute attacks work in their favor.
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what the candidates are saying. >> john: body shapes are changing, dr. oz breaks done the new criteria and explains how knowing your shape can help you lose the weight. >> and you heard the saying, never go to sleep angry, right? turns out maybe that is not the best advice, a relationship expert shares her relationship rules for when you are in a fight. plus, david martin. >> reporter: in the middle of nowhere in new smyrna beach at the gorgeous atlantic center for the arts. 30 acres of gorgeous property, where people come and get into their art. music, poetry, sculpture, you name it. they do it all and this morning we're talking with world class musician from all over pakistan, india and the u.s., together for what is called the dosti music project and we'll play it for you on the 9 o'clock hour of... into "good day orlando"! >> good.
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>> i have to google that one. >> take yourself there, right now. accu-weather forecast, update, good morning, central florida. we have your numbers here and we are sailing nicely through the 60s all the way south, farther south the numbers really rise up and we'll see that here, warmer times ahead. 80 by 2:00 an 78 for the drive home at 5:00, glorious sun-filled skies all day and light wind. the front is marching toward us and a lot of the rain and energy moving toward the mid at large and i don't think we see a drop of rain and nearly a modest increase in clouds late tonight morning. sun-filled skies and the numbers begin to flinch and adjust down, these highs and back on up ottawaed 80 by monday and still warm, well above 70 degrees,
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cool mornings, over to you. >> breaking news in brevard county, police in west melbourne investigating a shooting. >> amy: luanne is live with details on that. >> now police are not saying a lot about exactly what happened here. we do know two people were shot and one of them was taken to the hospital. both victims have nonlife-threatening injuries. now, police say they do have the suspect in custody right now. this is all happening in a neighborhood on east haven drive, which is just south of 192. they say there is no threat to anyone in that neighborhood. we do know officers are still on the scene investigating. we will let you know as soon as we get new details into the fox 35 newsroom. back to you. >> john: orange county, a suspect who dressed up as batman and robbed several stores will face a judge. >> amy: orange county deputies arrested juan-carlos morales yesterday morning, a suspect in nine armed robberies over the
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investigators say they were able to track him down after he tried to rob a pizza place on friday night. and an employee inside ran after him and deputies say he was able to get bye but dropped his cell phone and thoogs how they track him down. >> john: volusia county deputies are looking for a man who stole money from a 12-year-old girl selling girl scout cookies, investigators say he walked out of the store with the woman and child and walked back up to the booth, where the girl was selling those cookies, and grabbed the cash. if you know anything you are asked to contact crime line. >> spacex will make a fourth attempt to launch from the space coast, the falcon 9 rocket is set for a 6:35 launch out of cape canaveral. fingers crossed. >> nasa astronaut scott kelly coming back to earth today. after nearly a year in the space
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the longest u.s. space flight, 340 days and is set to touch down in kazakhstan late tonight and hopefully we'll get video of that. how they do it in russia is different than here. super tuesday is here and the candidates have their eyes on the big prize. >> john: they'll fight from coast-to-coast for delegates in 12 states. ryan joins us now with more on the big day. good morning. >> the polls opened in a couple of states and i want to show you a closer look at key states up for grabs and the crown jewel is texas. and georgia and massachusetts and virginia. on the republican side, 595 delegates in play, and 1200 needed to clinch the nomination. this morning donald trump enjoying a lead in the latest cnn national poll and knows it. into trump, 40%, little light weight marco rubio, 16%.
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>> i think he ad-libbed the cnn poll, as he dodges attacks after initially refusing to disavow ashgs avowed the endorsement from david duke. and, 222 delegates up for grabs in texas and clinton has a big lead, 2300 needed to clinch though nomination and hillary is expecting big wins after cruising in south carolina on saturday. we have a political analyst to break out down. good to see you. >> thank you. >> how important is today? you look at florida and ohio, what does it mean to the candidates? >> this is for many, especially hillary clinton and the front-runner, donald trump the opportunity to really solidify the front-runner status. essentially a national primary for the first time, we're having 11 states and one territory, american samoa are involved as
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translating throughout numerous dream graphics. in the south and new england area of massachusetts and the midwest and minnesota and they can say they are solidifying the status as a front-runner, nationally and not just state by state. >> an important day for marco rubio and ted cruz. but ted cruz has a chance to win texas and many think he will and he's up several points. how big would it be for his campaign. >> it is huge. think about what it would look like not to win your home state. it is a personal bump and enforcement. and, people who give you your first opportunity at public service and beyond that and the fact it is a huge delegate count speaks to potentially how to revive the campaign an moving forward. a delicate fight and a lot of popularity and momentum for donald trump but comes down to delegates and there is a big
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>> ryan: hillary is pulling away from bernie sanders and he says he can win minnesota and massachusetts. will that be enough. >> knew that's correct he has to win in at least five states and will take vermont, his home state, and identified colorado and massachusetts and minnesota but think he's realizing, hillary clinton destroyed him and won the african-american vote, 8 3 to 17 and could have lost the white vote and still won and, the population of african-americans make up 40 to 60% of the electorate and he understands he's not doing well there and he can win, potentially and keeps him in the game, knew market but really is getting out of hand a delicate race and way ahead of him and i think we'll see bernie sanders see the end of the campaign soon. >> ryan: we'll leave it there,
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back to you, numbers should roll in by primetime. >> and several candidates spending their super tuesday here in florida. donald trump will be in palm beach today and marco rubio has an event in miami and clichl hillary clinton will be in miami. ep could it here or super tuesday action, at 5:00 p.m., we'll take you live to trump and marco rubio rallies and on-line coverage on facebook, begins at 7:00 p.m. and sock our team of reporters and political analysts will be here to take a look at the results from super tuesday and what it means for the florida primary. still to come, the way experts assess your body type is changing. >> yes, it is and knowing your type could make a difference when it comes to losing what it. dr. oz explaining after the break, plus david martin. >> what happens when the u.s. embassy in pakistan says, i want 6 pakistanis, two indians and two americans to get together
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this happens, called the dotsi music project, dotsi means friendship in erdu and hindi, they are friends. they are living together, making
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>> when it comes to body types you are an apple or a pear or banana. >> john: now there are new bod and knowing what type you are can have an impact on how you lose the weight. >> amy: that's right and here to talk more about that this morning, we'll go right to studios. you! >> you are right the body types we used to think apples and the pears are partly accurate but we know more. hormones in particular are a big issue and you get the big beer belly is because you have too much stress in your life and, i know it is a tough problem to deal with and turns out certain foods can help, omega-3 and fish oils and love handles, from the sugar in your diet and strategy to get rid of that and the pear
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estrogen and a lot of people have bat wings, fat hanging off the upper arms and thighs and that is testosterone levels, because you don't build muscle mass and when you know your body type you can target the approach to get back in the shaup you want to be -- shame you want to be and is a smarter way to go, sometimes it is obvious and i know someone with that shape, and what if you are not sure? >> most of us are actually hybrids, a mix and you don't have one without the other. the classic example, people with beer bellies often have love handles, too. if you have a lot of sugar in your diet it cause stress in your body, subconscious, not because you are mad at your boss or spouse but causes inflammation and your body responds by feeling it is being attacked which was the famine and, the body responds by secrete ing hormones and the cavanoids, this same thing you get when you smoke pot and
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sugar and get this munchies and handles together. >> okay, talking about artificial food coloring. i'm concerned about and looking at the ingredients, trying to figure out what is in it and why does it have the color it does. what do you want to know about that? >> be aware most countries they don't allow the food coloring we allow. they use natural food coloring, paprika and it is naturally found in the real world and used instead of synthetics and there were several studies now, hinting at the fact that artificial coloring is causing focus problems in kids and maybe leading to add. a lot of the big food manufacturers are removing artificial coloring from their food supply, and support those guys, buy their products, and, clean up the food supply. >> amy: absolutely. great advice and i think as parents you really are even more
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the folks that aren't. are there unexpected sources of artificial coloring in our diet that we don't realize? >> you never know what is in condiments, they add it to pickles and all kind of foods. berries in your cereals are often colored to look that voluptuous. you have to look at the ingredients list and see a color with you a number. it is not natural. as i pointed out. you can make yellow from saffron or put in an artificial dye. >> amy: and what about the beef? remember there was a concern about what color beef should be when you are buying it. >> yes, that is coloring and add a chemical to prevent it from browning and put ultraviolet lights on it to make it look redder than it really is. tricks people use but that coloring we think is correlated with focus -- let me be clear. i can't connect one to one, nor
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toxic thing but subtle things in our environment are clearly affecting the way our kids function and as a mom, father and grandfather i want to be sure i give my kid any possible way of getting the best health and a big source of getting quality in our country when not all the kids get access to the same amount of help and it is necessary to give them you a fighting chance. afternoon on fox. >> take care. >> amy: bye. 9:16. great information for everybody out there. jayme? >> jayme: up-to-date now, temperatures sailing nicely through the 60s at least around orlando and stuck in the 50s from ocala to gainesville and palm coast, everybody literally today, getting in on the mix and talking about sun, warmth, highs 80 and the interior, look for mid and upper 70s along the beach front. where the waves are lapping onto the sand at the beach. where you will find your 70s today, 80 by 2:00 and 78 by 5:00 and 8:00. tonight we're going down to a
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the gulf scene now, 9:00 a.m. hour, 60s, nice, perfect and then on even better here, toasty warm by 3:00. if you have a mid and late afternoon tea time, looking good. you picked the right time to do it. a lot of warmth. by tonight, high clouds and quiet. a cold front shuffling our way now through the plains states and the southeast, and a few clouds may begin to shed off of the system and move into the region. also, getting trained as a developing southwesterly air flow, bottom line, pretty confident we won't see any raindrops of this system. looks like the vast majority of energy with this will continue to ripple along the front and wind up on this outer banks of north carolina and move fast off the eastern shores by this time tomorrow. we're looking good, rain chance flat-out there. looks like zero in regard to the rain and wednesday and thursday more of the same. sun-filled skies, chance of rain and hang onto it into the coming weekend. again, launch time tonight at
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6:35, falcon 9 rocket hopefully heading into the heavens, catch it on i believe we'll stream it live and if you want, go outside and look toward coastal brevard and see it there, leaving the pad and heading into the sky. next 7 days. highs 80 today, tomorrow, behind the front, gradual baby steps, a very, very modest cooldown. upper 70s, getting into the weekend, gorgeous and awesome, sun-filled skies and cool this morning and rain-free conditions. enjoy it all, guys? >> john: time for our cool school of the week! >> amy: headed to longwood in seminole county and checking out where we find fox 35's jackie orozco. school of the week! right? president of the student council, to talk about why your school is so cool.
9:20 am
faculty and staff are amazing people, very supportive here and our principal is the best, super supportive of our school as well as our activities that go on here at lyman. >> reporter: we have alissa. >> the president of the -- how does it make you feel you are a cool school. >> we're a diverse school and, there is camaraderie and we're deserving of the award. thank you, guys. >> reporter: and they gave good answers and i have to give them the awesome award. anything else you want to add? >> yes. >> how do you feel, the cool school of the week! [cheers] >> there you have it, guys.
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so exciting! lyman high school! back to you guys in the studio. >> amy: >> john: you can vote for next week's cool school starting tomorrow at 5:00 a.m., go to our web site, and you can see the list of schools and you can also text the corresponding school number to 87057. message and data rates may apply and you may receive up to one text message in response to your entry, the winner will be announced on friday. still to come, one of a kind concert is coming to central florida. >> amy: david martin is checking out something called the dosti music project. and is live in new smyrna beach. hi, david. >> and, you pronounced it exactly right, dosti, "friendship" in hindi. and a lot of the folks are now friends and never met before they came to the atlantic center for the arts in new smyrna beach but the u.s. embassy in pakistan said i think the 14 people will
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are here and they are so talented. and do sing as well. let's listen as we go to break on "good day orlando." rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway. fresh is what we do. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard,
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needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. >> john: time to jam out to music from around the world. >> musicians from india and pakistan and the u.s. are coming together to create a really one of a kind sound. and, david martin is joining us, live at the atlantic center for the arts in new smyrna beach to tell us more about it. >> reporter: it is one of these things, check them out in person. it is fabulous and these musician are terrific from india
9:25 am
u.s., but together by the u.s. embassy in pakistan and somebody else here in the country. the guy that runs, what group? >> sound nation. >> based in new york city. >> reporter: chris, when you hear the ten musicians get together and jam and create songs, concert and album, what goes through your head? >> definitely an album. a huge part of the project, but, what i like to think about is a way of blepding instruments and voices that kind of stay true to each person's unique, individual style and culture and we really try to find a way of synchronize those voices. into a lot of this is improvised. there will be a concert friday night that will be -- have a program and start and finish. right now we're in a rehearsal setting, essentially, right? we have a quartet here and, player little tune and see what
9:26 am
>> she's running her voice through a box that processes her sound and has reverberation and other effects to it. >> amy: >> reporter: the guitar and the dulcimer. >> traditional meets contemporary modern. >> reporter: all in their zone, aren't they! here on this quartet. something more up beat and let's hear what you have prepared for friday night. >> reporter: a harmonium, and the guy has a set of lungs on him. >> he comes from a style of singing, which is prevalent in
9:27 am
when you hear him belt like that, traditional singing. >> reporter: and they'll sing all night long, march 4th at the atlantic center for the arts, and atlantic center for the it is free, bring out your kids an expose them to the international sounds, foreign instruments, beautiful and, playing in orlando, if you can make it here, friday, march 11th at the white house, and atlantic center for the is this web site. a round of applause. good! >> thank you, david. okay, save big on easter this year, did you know it is coming
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>> john: walgreens some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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>> and welcome back, it is now 9:30 on this super tuesday, glad you are here, i'm amy kaufeldt.
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get you caught up on the headlines in the news. we start with this. police in west melbourne investigating the shooting at this hour. it is happening in a neighborhood on east haven drive which is a little south of 192. there are two victims with no life-threatening injuries. one victim was sent to the hospital, and police also say the shooter is in custody. >> amy: we now have video of a statewide amber alert. came to an end in st. lucie county. a troopers dash-cam caught the woman accused of stealing a baby moment she was pulled over. >> outside the car! drivers step outside the car! keep your hands where i can see them. off to the right. is there anybody else inside the vehicle? walk over to the right. >> amy: he's accused of kidnapping the baby from an
9:32 am
last friday and abandoning the child in orlando. she was arrested after troopers spot her nissan near ft. pierce bond. cameras were there as the baby, two-month-old taraji kemp was reunited with her mother. and we're told the baby was not thankfully. >> john: the zika virus continuing to spread in florida. confirmed. one of the case is is in broward county. and three are now in miami-dade and the 5th involves a pregnant woman and her location is not being named that brings the statewide total to 42. so far all the cases are travel related. zika is linked to birth defects in babies and now can be tied to a syndrome as well. a study published in the medical journal the lancet reveals zika may increase the risk of
9:33 am
>> amy: time for your morning business headlines, and for that live to new york set where the lovely lauren simonetti is standing by. good morning, darling, how are you? >> wonderful, how are you? >> good, thanks. how are things, looking, 9:32. >> dow up 97.5, to be exact. starting march the right way, february is done! a bad month for the s&p and the nasdaq, march historically a good one, april better. hopefully we found or bottom. >> amy: i hope so, too. gosh, my 401 k is scary looking lately. let's talk about these google driverless car crashes. we talked about it for a while and often talk about it being somebody else's fault. and it looks like the driverless car's fault. >> and google says we are partly to blame and hit the bus and realize buses don't yield in our favor, a problem with technology, you need to predict
9:34 am
updated the technology to better predict that. id happened valentine's day, a lexus car with the autonomous technology and they have a report saying 75% of u.s. drivers are afraid to drive in a self-driving car. guess what? car hits bus. >> john: it makes perfect sense, i would be nervous and nasa working on a supersonic passenger jet? >> where do you want to go? we can go anywhere unfive or six hours, the jet goes 1100 miles an hour. they are working with contractors, lockheed martin and nasa teaming up, creating the jet that will have basically no sonic boom. it is quieter and cleaner and is cooler and faster than anything we have ever seen and i would say, the next decade you can buy tickets to fly somewhere. super fast.
9:35 am
>> i would try to make a lunch date in australia. >> amy: what i was going to say, let's go together, let's go to sydney. >> okay. >> amy: i'm in. >> i love it, my treat. >> amy: get a vitamite sandwich. you can catch lauren at fbn am, 5:00 a.m., not sure where to go, go to fox finder. i was going to say australia. great mind think alike. wouldn't that be fun. >> jayme: totally. you guys sit in the back, i get the front! your accu-weather forecast. temperatures, i've got your 50s and 60s, and we're close to 70 and a heck of a lot of areas now, it will be a big dramatic upswing in temperatures, clouds now, trying to get in, approaching from the south an weather, tied to the approach of the surface front and thickest clouds, inclement weather here and severe storms and snow to the north of that. everything stays far removed
9:36 am
which is this good news, bad news, really isn't any unless you don't like the sunshine and warm weather 2:00, 80 degrees, for the drive home at 5:00 and 8:00 tonight, 71, and we'll have a few extra clouds during the time and the case through the overnight, again, no rain chance. all the way through sunday into monday. glorious highs again, ample sun, awesome weather, looks like 50s and 60s through the overnight and flat rain chances through send theed period. that's your forecast. over to you now. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. time for steals and deals. the savings angel, josh is with us talking about our favorite cereal. we'll get to that. >> 50 cents a box. >> john: you have quite the spread. >> let's talk about great easter deals, easter is coming up, not too far away. time for the easter bunny to pick and choose the deals from walgreens and cvs.
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examples, we'll start with easter chocolate eggs and bunnies and, the cadbury eggs, you can get, all 50 cents, all you need to do is grab the book when you walk into a walgreens and coupons and apply it to these items and final price is 50 cents apiece. and you can get peeps, this one, no coupon needed. they ring up that way. over at cvs, get the stride sugar free gum because it is free. really free! buy three of them and they give you three dollars back at the register. three packs of gum for free. next is dove chocolate. normally $5. sea salt caramel dark chocolate. sounds good. $1.50 after you bring in the coupons and we have them linked up at or savings, you have
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deal and you might find valentine's day clearance candy which i don't think the easter bunny will discriminate and you can get the -- you like these. >> john: i like the eggs. >> royal dark chocolate. cadbury mini-eggs and get these, this week as little as $1.34. normally as much as $4. finally, grocery deals. . 40 cents. 40 cents. 50 cents. true deal, a bogo and go to and add the coupon to your card -- your account and swipe your card you get these, $1.50 after the buy one get one which makes it 40 cents a box and get applesauce, great for the lunches, 40 cents and this one, on this page -- this is
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cereal and is $5, $6 a box and, general mills has, nature valley to break the back of the crack ling oat bran -- >> did you try it? >> it tastes exactly like it. it falls apart a little easier, i noticed. my only complaint. and is absolutely delicious, and this week, if you get the coupons, some of them are iffy, you could get as little as 50 cents and your -- every day there are only so many you can print out. they are led up -- linked up. as little as 50 cents a box. >> john: or -- >> savings for hundreds of deals like this. >> amy: still to come when it comes to love and marriage seems old rules may no longer apply. we have a local author and relationship coach to explain why it might actually be a good
9:40 am
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hello from the other side... >> john: on the billboard hot 100 list, adele's album 25 dominates for the 10th week in a row. according to nell sent her latest album sold 80,000 copies last week. and rihanna's latest album, number 2 on the list and justin bieber's at number 3. >> amy: we've heard the saying you shouldn't go to bed angry, right or fighting is bad for your relationship. it turns out those savings may not be true after all and joining us this morning, is the co-author of "the heart of the fight", a couples guide to 15 common fights, what they really mean and how they can bring you closer. she wrote the book alongside her husband. and makes it, i think even more
9:44 am
this morning. great to see you. thank you so much for being here! okay, let's talk about the more common fights we have. because we all fight about money, or fight about, you know, things with the kids. and how we should parent. what are some -- is the advice you want people to know about the common fights we have. >> the blame game is a big one. domestic deputies, isputes and chores and, the middle finger fight is another one, you are passive aggressive. right? and what we need to do is get underneath those, we have rules of engagement. it takes two to tango and you can do something about it and 100% responsibility for your satisfaction and happiness and, fight for something, not against your partner. against their point and, to tell the truth. oh, and acknowledge the truth when your partner says
9:45 am
him the point, and it oftentimes unlocks those nasty points. >> and, a lot of people go to couples therapy and are taught in couples therapy to mirror each other and taught to do the active listening and a lot of therapists are out there saying it is junk. >> research shows it is one of the worst things to do. and it is not real. real couples, real relationships, with real intimacy, they fight. they say things they are kind of not proud of. and get in there. you are tussling and get in there and what is it about? look at any fight. it's not about the topic. we have deep yearnings beneath to be loved and seen and heard and respected and affirmed animator and when you leave the toilet seat up or socks on the floor, we don't matter, we don't love one another and we have to unlock that, what is the fight really about and when you do that you are opening yourself up and get to know yourself and
9:46 am
the conflict brings you closer and you are more intimate and your relationship is stronger. >> amy: can you read a book and will it make a difference? do you need to go to couples therapy if you find yourself fighting all the time. >> support is always a good idea. and you have to be willing to really take risks and be more vulnerable and really use the many tips in here, skills and exercises and use them and it will help unlock that. if you want, get help. and get help when the relationship is good. don't wait until you have a problem. maximize it. when it is really starting out or when things are going well. push it farther and see what is possible in your relationship. >> amy: we talk about the four horsemen, you get to certain stages of your relationship and one in con kon contempt. you have hit the point of no return. >> a total dismissal of the
9:47 am
but do you have enough positives in your relationship? they don't break up because they fight but there is not a background of affection and humor and curiosity and if you have it you can ride -- i rolled my eyes at my husband. and, done things i'm not proud of but when you have a little loving with it and have affection, you can say i'm sorry and take responsibility, that was out of line and i overdid it. my point, i believe in but the way i delivered it, i'm sorry. a huge thing. >> amy: absolutely. >> not say it before you are ready, though. >> amy: that is what i wanted to talk about, going to bed mad. >> it is okay. get sleep. sometimes fights take more than an evening to work through, don't ignore it but sometimes you give in and build up resentmentment or compromising before you are ready. you have to work on it. not just something to get over with. i'm sorry.
9:48 am
>> amy: resentments come outside ways and it gets worse. i can't wait to read the book, how can our virus find it. >> heart of the and you can start by downloading a free chapter and then buy the book. >> amy: thank you so much. a pleasure to meet you. shedding light on relationships. now over to jayme king, see how the weather is liking. >> jayme: a live look at downtown orlando, looking good. old glory there. kind of hanging outs, a light, slight breeze winds less than 10 miles per hour and wind to the an issue and i don't think anything that is of issue today. nice overall, sailing through the 60s, most locations. a nice day ahead. let's talk about the map here. cloud cover over the gulf, some of it may get in and the main thrust of clouds tied with the arrival of the front coming in lately tonight through tomorrow morning. we'll see cloud cover and shouldn't enter the sunshine and mostly sunny, partly cloudy, i
9:49 am
ahead, sunny, warm weather, 80 by 2:00 an 78 by 5:00 and 8:00, still above the 070 degrees. low 70s, anticipated by 8:00 or 9:00. again you see the front on the move. the sat-rad and dynamic duo and the regard and clouds are together, you can see where the clouds are. what is falling from them and snowed north of the front. we have showers and storm activity breaking out and you can see how far removed from our area the stuff is. not classic squall line coming down like the last several systems we have seen. with that said, everything gets in orlando later today and probably exiting stage right out over the countier banks by late, late tonight through this morning hours. with that said, everything remains to the north and rain chance is totally flat. sun-filled skies and looks like we'll have moments of high mid-level cloud cover but i'm not certainly anticipating much in the way of rain at all. you can see modeling keeps front number one, pushes it offshore and number 2, a band of clouds.
9:50 am
over the distant atlantic, north and east of our locale. otherwise looks good. temperatures, skies, i mean, just about everything out there. do enjoy, 78 gainesville today. 79 ocala. looks like melbourne and palm bay, 78. vero beach, indian river county showing us 80 on the day today. 60 on average, few spots in the northern tier 50s and otherwise, nice and quiet, uneventful and benign. looking nice with ample sunshine, awesome weather ramping into the weekend, highs 80ish and overnights mid an upper 50s and no chance of rain as the pleasant weather pattern continues in central florida. enjoy our weather babies, i have two, make it three and i can explain. danielle lynn, a good looking kid. and look at this, a twofer here. good looking twins there.
9:51 am
visit our web site for more, for more on the weather baby segment. over to you. >> amy: precious. >> trending now, the internet is showing an unusual but cute picture. >> amy: the mission animal hospital put braces on a puppy! braces! check out the metal mouth. wesley the dog right here. a golden retriever and didn't get them for cosmetic reasons, though, because that is silly. he can't close his mouth all the way. so the braces are helping to align his teeth. the doggy didn'tist says he's responding well to the braces, eating playing and feeling great. you can share these pictures with your friends as well and find the story on our web site, i wonder is he allowed to chew gum? >> john: i don't know. >> amy: that would be a problem. and what about when he wants to kiss his girlfriend. >> john: flossing is tough, too. still to come the fight of the kylies. >> amy: why kylie minogue is
9:52 am
next, what is hot in hollywood. 9:51. a look at old glory. looking down orange avenue.
9:53 am
no, not super tu
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>> welcome back to "good day orlando." a live inside the control room, producer tiffany again, the one making all the action happen! this morning, as she always does. good job. i want to wish a happy birthday if you are celebrating. march 1st and here's a couple celebrities celebrating with you. only 22? the biebs is 22 and it seems like he has been stuck at 22 a long time. >> john: and, this actress is 33. >> amy: i love her. >> john: happy birthday, if it is your birthday. march 1st. time to check out what is hot in hollywood. >> amy: people say good-bye to george kennedy today. he died on sunday morning, from natural causes. he died at and assisted living facility in middleton, idaho. best known for his roles in movies like naked gun and cool
9:56 am
in classic films such as spartacus and the dirty dozen. he was 91. sad news for salma hayek, her dog was found dead. the dog was shot with a bb gun. and police launched an confessed to killing. and he said he did not mean to kill the animal and only wanted to scare it away. surprisingly, with a bb gun and this closed the investigation because the dog was technically on his prompt. >> amy: kyle minogue has a boof with kylie jenner about trademarking their name, according to the guardian, lawyers for the australian singer filed an opposition to her trademark application file last week and she claimed it would cause confusion for kylie minogue's fans and she tweeted on sunday, hello, my name is kylie. jenner began the tried mark process last year in hopes of globalizing her name and fame but, the legal team claims
9:57 am
reality tv star. >> john: whoa! >> amy: and, doesn't deserve the copyright. it is silly. i don't think most people are confused. a lot of people named john and jayme and -- >> and one of them has talent. >> i think they -- taking ourselves too seriously sometimes. >> jayme: jayme with a "y" as well. what a difference the forecast is, we have 80s and 70s, and i mean, what -- >> no rain! at the end of the year this sprinklers on.
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser.


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